My Favorite Budget Summer Accessories for under $50

My Favorite Budget Summer Accessories for under $50

Oh my goodness its my first #flatlayfriday post! If you do not know me yet, I am a self proclaimed fashionista. I own my own boutique and I love staying ahead of the trends to bring confidence through clothing and accessories! Summer is halfway over and we are about a month from school starting and I have got to share my favorite budget summer go to items so far. I have to admit I am not even remotely ready to say goodbye to Summer. After moving from Florida back to Arkansas, I am sure my body will be in a shock to experience actual seasons again for the first time in 5 years. We will see, I can’t wait to be able to wear boots and jeans again, oh and chunky sweaters! However its currently hot AF out right now, and we are under a heat advisory so lets get to it! Here are my favorite budget summer items for under $50 so far for Summer 2019!

This hat is pretty much one of my favorite accessories I have ever owned, I am not even kidding ladies. I looked everywhere for weeks prior to our cruise in March to find one like it. I even looked at nearly every single store in Old San Juan, PR to find one that is like it because I had no luck before we left. I had a beast of a time, since most hats in the summer time seem to have that floppy aspect and I was hellbent on finding one that was stiffer. But I also also didn’t want to spend hundreds on a dang hat. I finally found one at Target (holla!) for less than $25 but it took a couple of months. #worthit
The sun coverage to protect my face from premature aging plus the trendy factor equals an A+ in my style book!


My makeup look during the summer is pretty much au natural. I like to put a little sunscreen on every day to actively protect my skin, my favorite so far is Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid-Lotion Sunblock SPF 55 I don’t like wearing foundation when its muggy and hot, that is a full proof way of causing unwanted breakouts. It is lightweight, not greasy, which is a plus for me. I have to admit I have some sensory issues and really hate the feeling of lotion but this one doesn’t bother me at all.

Waterproof mascara is a must during the summer! I really love for my lashes to have a little boost, but with getting into the pool with the kiddos it is a must that I don’t walk away with raccoon eyes. Right now my go-to waterproof mascara is Better Than Sex waterproof mascara. I feel it does a great job of making me look fresh and put together and staying on when I get a face full of water from my 4 year old playing in the water. Its that mom life yo. I love that I can enjoy summer with my boys and still feel presentable when I inevitably run into someone I know at the pool.

While we are on the topic of makeup, is anyone else a complete chapstick snob? I am forever needing my chapstick, my husband is convinced I own about 100 and lose them all. No sir, I just have a car chapstick, a bed chapstick, a purse chapstick, a kitchen chapstick.. and well you get the picture. I prefer to use chapstick that has SPF because like I said before, we wanna avoid premature aging on our face. After living in Florida for four years, I have become way more consciousness about skin protection. I would have never thought about making sure my chapstick had SPF in it before the last year or so. I guess turning 30 last year was a swift reminder that I am not going to be young forever and I really need to make sure to protect my youthful look. My favorite chapstick so far this summer seems to be the Pineapple flavored Pacifica Sun + Lipcare SPF 15 mineral lip balm. It has the lightest flavoring so its not overpowering, and feels lightweight on the lips and moisturizing! Plus it is pretty budget friendly which I love.

Who here loves the feeling of a new planner? I love the bright colors of my current planner, it feels so bright and happy. It totally lives up to it being a happy planner. I love how it keeps all of our summer appointments and activities organized and I absolutely couldn’t live without it! Plus I got it 50% off at Hobby Lobby so holla!

Last but most def not least, one of my favorite clothing items must be my kimonos, yes I own probably 10+ kimonos. They are SO good for layering, whether it be over a swimsuit or to dress up any outfit. I can pair them with shorts and a tank for a casual feel, layer it with jeans and heels for a date night feel, or even pair a kimono with a dress for a dressed up Sunday outfit for church. Pretty much I feel that they are one of the most versatile items you can own! PS shoutout to the hubs who helped me stalk all my local Starbucks for a WEEK to snag me a set of their limited edition color changing cups! These babies stay with me ALL day long, hydration yo!

Thanks for reading all about my favorite budget summer items, but what are some of your summer go to items? I am always looking for new items to try!


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  1. I haven’t tried The Happy Planner, but I’ve heard so many great things about it!

    1. I Love love love it! This is my fourth year using it. I compared it to Erin Condren and it is so comparable and customizable and like a third of the cost if you wait til its on sale!

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