DIY Inspiration Board

DIY Inspiration Board

You guys! I briefly mentioned last week about creating my very first diy inspiration board which you can read all about here. I have been saying for years I wanted to do this but never took the time to do it. Well… last week I finally did it, and I wanted to share it with you!

I created a visual reminder of positive affirmations to combat every negative thought I have against myself every single day. I don’t know about you but I struggle with negative self talk. I am constantly in a mind battle. Its exhausting. My life has been falling apart with the lack of intentionality on my part and I am in a fierce battle to realign my life and create a life that gives me joy.

I have to admit this board makes me so freakin’ happy to look at. It has most of my favorite colors, and the things I picked to print are exactly what I need to ingrain in this brain of mine. The best part? I made this board for less than $11! Who here has an obsession with Hobby Lobby and their 50% off weeks? Sometimes I miss the weeks, and go to get something that I need that day and its not on sale. Womp Womp.. But not this week! I pretty much did a happy dance when I walked in and saw that they were on sale on the very day I wanted to walk out with it! #winning

I got this bad boy for $7 at Hobby Lobby, and the only other thing I spent money on were the prettier pins, I loved the black/white/gold color scheme so I splurged the $3.50 for them. Oh and the amazing mermaid paper, but that too was 50% off! SCORE! I was very intentional in creating printables that combat negative self talk.

I have always seen inspiration boards that have pictures maybe cut out from magazines or printed off line. I briefly considered doing something similar, but honestly I feel that seeing the words that I have put on this board would have such a deeper impact in my soul than seeing some #dreamhouse or #bodygoals

Right now I am in a movement of change, and actively seeking out changing not just my outside but my inside. I would love to invite you to join me, every one who subscribes to my awesome email list will be receiving 15 FREE diy inspiration board printables! I would love to see you make strides in your confidence and grow right along with me.

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Be sure to tag me on IG @therealashleysimmons when you create your board! I love to see how other people design their boards!

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