To My Womb: Good Bye Uterus, Good Bye Uterine Cancer

To My Womb: Good Bye Uterus, Good Bye Uterine Cancer

To my womb, we part ways today and that has me thinking of all of our good times and all of our bad times. I cannot lie and say that I haven’t felt betrayed by you over the years, but this morning something in me realized as I was kissing my boys goodbye that you have been a warrior, fighting so hard to say as long as you did.

Looking back at the pregnancies I see how much you struggled to keep my babies safe and I acknowledge and thank you for your strength and your endurance to bringing my babies earthside. I honor you today.
This morning we part ways and my heart is broken because I will never get to experience the feeling of bringing another baby earthside. I will never feel a baby move in my tummy and carrying two heartbeats in my body at the same time again…. …but I thank you. I thank you for staying strong and I thank you for holding on as long as you have, I know you have been sick for a long time. Without you I wouldn’t have my babies and that something that no diagnosis or procedure can ever take away for me.

I thank you for everything you’ve done for me and I thank you for being so strong as long as you have, but it is time we part ways and say goodbye. Today I honor you.

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