2020 Word of the Year
word of the year

2020 Word of the Year

What is your 2020 Word of the Year?

2020 is upon us, I am not sure about you but I feel like 2019 flew right by.
Have you thought about your “word of the year” yet?
If you aren’t sure what that is, it is a word you feel drawn to, and declare over your upcoming year.

For example my 2020 word of the year is “intentional”.

word of the year

The last year I have felt completely out of control, it has been absolute survival mode for myself and our family.

new years resolutions

2019 kicked me in the butt.

A cross country move, an autism diagnosis for our youngest, a cancer diagnosis for myself, and a major surgery. Needless to say, I was ready to count down with and ring in the new year with a kiss from my love and start this year with fresh perspective and hope.

This year I am determined to live my life with intentional behaviors.

I know people frequently make fun of those who make new years resolutions.
Honestly though I think that is one of my favorite parts about the new year.
It is the equivalent of a freshly purchased notebook and let me tell you, I LOVE the smell of a new notebook.
I am betting I am not alone on that.

Of course I have goals for this year, and they are as follows:

-Expand my social media marketing knowledge and take a few key courses to receive my certification.
-Lose 60 lbs, and get back to where I feel good again. This year’s health crisis was an awakening. I hope to join the local women’s gym to build friendships and accountability. I know that my weight gain has been out of my control thanks to back to back surgeries, but having faith that this will be my year.
-Be more present with my family, social media makes it far to easy to get sucked in, and that time suck is real.
Plus I have noticed that it directly impacts my mental health.
-Grow my social media presence online, I hope to reach 10k followers on the ‘gram by summer,
and continue to grow this blog.
-With the professional growth, I am aiming to start my public speaking career.

What is your word of 2020?
What are some things you hope to change in the coming year?
I wanna hear about them!

2020 goals


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