Ashley Simmons has been known widely throughout the online community as a candid and bold personality. She strives to live openly about all of the hard stuff in life. You know… the stuff no one likes talking about but we all struggle with. Ashley has been through a tremendous amount of trauma and believes in the power of a good therapist. Through therapy, it became apparent quickly that she was meant to create a community where others can come acknowledge where they are, but not accept that is where they will stay. Her passion is creating space where others feel validated in their feelings and struggles and yet learn to grow through them.

Her mantra over the last three years has been, “Its okay to not be okay, but its not okay to stay there”. She struggles with anxiety and postpartum depression(yes even though her youngest is four!), as well as PTSD from being a childhood abuse survivor. Ashley is the mother of two spirited little boys, who break her down and rebuild her daily. Her and her husband, Miles have been married for 10 years, and strive to keep it hot despite the struggles of being parents to a child with special needs. They are hoping to add one more baby to the mix through IVF in 2020, but ultimately are trusting God with the outcome. It hasn’t been easy, but she believes there is a reason for everything.

It’s been quite the day hasn’t it? Take a deep breath, I am so glad you found us! We hope that you love it so much here, that you subscribe to the blog so that you never miss a post! This space has been a long time coming, and we cant wait to watch you grow through this community!